Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The New (Academic) Year's Resolutions

  Welcome Everyone,

This is my first post. Yes, it's my first post in my life. Nowadays, it seems unthinkable, but it's true!
I am a student of Spanish studies in Poznan (PoznaƄ) in Poland. This blog is a space for share with you my opinions of different  areas of life, write in English (I haven't done it almost for three years. Yes, I shame on me, but I've sacrificed myself for Spanish) and at the same time, a challenge to brush up my English.

 Recently, we've come back to our schools, universities and jobs. Perhaps, in our minds we've still the pictures of the sun, of  holiday, mountain trip, five-star hotel in which we slept, concert in the open air or just our temporary work. Although, time passes and the following season has arrived.

Do you make the resolutions? Which is the purpose of them? What about me?
If it's about me, I've done some resolution in this New Academc Year.
I decided to learn one more language and  exercice more, I'm going to continue to go to the class of zumba.

What do you think of making the resolution? According to statistics, the mayority of people doesn't execute them. After all, I consider that they are useful. If you've any resolution, you've the objective an you are (you should be) motived your fulfil. The most essential part of this is a desire to do that.
So, what can I wish you and me?  I can do only one thing: I wish you perseverance