Wednesday, 15 April 2015

   If I had done something, now I could have another life...

Have you ever thought this way or don't you like speculating? Recently, I was thinking about what could be my life if I hadn't chosen a bilingual class ten years ago. I'm going to enumerate some points.

- If I hadn't chosen a bilingual class, it's highly likely that now I wouldn't be in Granada.
  • If I hadn't went to Granada eight years ago, I wouldn't have known my Spanish friend.
  • If I hadn't known her, I wouldn't have cooked pierogi (it's a Polish dish) two weeks ago on my own. (Of course, my Spanish friend helped me.)
  • If I hadn't chose study Spanish Language and Literature, probably I wouldn't know about many countries in Latin America (I wouldn't know that they exist.)
  • If I didn't study Spanish Language, I wouldn't have worked in Spain.
  • If I hadn't worked in Spain, I probably wouldn't have visited the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres.
  • If I didn´t study Spanish, I might know that is possible address professor informally.
  • If I didn't study Catalan, English, French and Spanish, I would know fewer cultural habits which exist worldwide.
  • If I didn't study it, I wouldn't imagine that something can be „as clear as day” or „it's clear like water” (in Spain it is said like that) ”, however, in Polish we say ”as clear as sun”. I really enjoy discovering differences in proverbs. The proverbs contain the nation's perspective on the world.
Finally, If I didn't study languages, I wouldn't be a person who I'm now. I don't regret my decision at all! I consider a learning languages it isn't only acquire other language, but also discover other culture. It's a ideal way to broaden the mind!

I'm going to quote Goethe: The more languages a man knows, so many more times he is a man".
And what about you? Assuming you could take a decision (connected with your studies, work, love life...) one more time, would you changed it?

Broaden your horizons (through languages or any mental activity) !

Friday, 10 April 2015

     Where is a pudding?

I've just realised that I haven't written any post almost for two weeks. It's quite weird, because I've many ideas in my mind all time!
Do you wonder if I've been wrong about today topic? No, I haven't. Today I'm going to write about pudding. Would you ask me why? Last week a great segment of population was preparing to Easter. I connect each break with my mother's delectable baking! I tuck into a delicious cheesecakes in particular! [yummy]. Therefore, I decided to prepare one of them. I needed flour, milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar and ...pudding. You can guess that I had problem getting it! In Spain, there are flan (crème caramel), flan de nata (crème caramel with cream) and natillas, but there isn't pudding, or I haven't gotten it yet...I was searching in Internet, I went to Lidl, Alcampo (Alcampo is Auchan), I was asking people for it and I didn't get it. When I was coming back to house, after a long search, I was seething. For me, the pudding is one of the basic products. When I calmed down, I though 'one man's meat is another man's poison'.
However, I was so much determined and I found a cheesecake recipe without pudding!
I just used flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, natural yogurt and philadelphia cheese. You can admire the effect below :). When I tasted first piece, I put the irritation behind me.

 I'm going to tell you one more thing connected with Easter, just out for curiosity. Both in Poland and in some regions in Spain, we buy chocolate Easter bunny and chocolate Easter eggs. This habit exists, for instance in Silesia and Greater Poland (Poland) and, for example, in Catalonia (Spain). In Andalusia, it means, when I'm living now, this habit doesn't exist.