Tuesday, 16 June 2015

In the last days I was studying for my Catalan exam. This language isn´t only living language in Catalonia, but also on the Balearic Islands, in one part of Valencia, Arag√≥n, in Roussillon, which is a part of France and in one Italian city, Alguer.

Personally, I consider language which has a common point with - it's an obviousness- Spanish, French, Italy or Portuguese but not only. When I was sudying I've realised Catalan has some common qualities with English! For instance, to form plural of masculine noun or some adjectives, you should add only „s”. I got Catalan dictionary and at the beginning they explain some basic rules of pronunciation and, even, they compare some sounds with English sounds! A word „father”, in Catalan „pare”, both „e” are  pronounced like in English (or like in Catalan ;) ).

I reckon the origin of Catalan has many elements. There is one more confirmation that a language reflects also community's thought, for example, „I love you” in Catalan is „T'estimo”, what means „I respect you”, as well.

-Do you speak Catalan? 
-Yes, just a little.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Who are you? Enneagram of Personality

It's probable that most correct question would be „What type of personality do you have?”
There are many tests which help you discover or confirm your type of personality. One of the most celebrated is this one which distinguish a:

sanguine person”

However, there are tests which compare a personality with an animal. This way you can be a beaver, golden retriever, otter or lion :). It's known worldwide each person has own personality, but we shouldn't forget each of us has grown in other home, economic and school environment  all these factor have influence on us. Even if someone doesn't believe these test, he/she has to confirm we are different. Some of us like challenges, action, power, they are competitive, goal-oriented and decisive. On the other hand, we know people who are slow-paced, agreeable, nurturing, they need freedom to work at own pace or person are accurate, organized but too picky.

Last week I went to a workshop organized for a teachers, entitled „Enneagram in learning and teaching process”. Enneagram of Personality is one of methods which helps define our personality, but it differs from the others methods. Why? According this model there are nine personalities. However, it has form of circle and each personality has her own „neighbours” and goes in two „directions”. Each personality has three levels: immature, normal and mature level. It means each person is apt to behave in many way, it's depends on vital moment in which someone goes.
The Enneagram of Personality has a long tradition. Of course, there are various versions. Some people has dedicated their life to it, adds religious elements to Enneagram. It's obvious is better be neutrality.

Organizers emphasised there are many way to react in the same situation and it works also in the class or at university. Each teacher, lecturer and students is unique and different. Be different doesn't mean worse or impolite (not always :)). Other address issue was a scant awareness about enneagram and his application in a school environmental. They came to a conclusion we don't speak a lot about emotional at school, and in particular, at university. This method is used by some concerns and companies. It could be known in Human Resources also.

If you have been interested in the enneagram, there are some books about it and in some city you can sign up for enneagram class.

I'm glad I could participate in this workshop, I knew the enneagram and I hope can apply this knowledge in my professional work, and personal life, in the future!