Saturday, 29 November 2014

Are you thinking about take up a sport? But you wonder what kind of sport is appropriate for you in theses long and dark autumnal days. I can recommend you the class of zumba. I think is a good way for start to do exercise if you've given up it some time ago.

But actually what is zumba? Zumba® embraces not only a fitness but also some Latin American dances like salsa, rumba, merengue, samba, reggaeton and, even, some elements of belly dance! It borned in Colombia in 90s and is created by Albero Pérez by...pure chance. One day, he forgot a CD for his aerobic class, he had only one with salsa and merengue music, so he saw himself forced to play the class by ear. It's possible that the term derives from Spanish verb zumba,which means "vibrate".

At present zumb®a is becoming celebrated worldwide. The number of club fitness which offer it is increasing. But what is the reason? Zumba® comprises the easy steps of Latin American dances (it turns on the level of class). The only equipment that you need is a comfortable footwear and trousers. Thanks the zumba class you can stay in shape or improve it. The effervescent music both lifts your spirits and makes you burn calories.

They've appeared some kinds of zumba® so far, for example, zumba® gold (for seniors), zumba® kids, aqua zumba or zumba® step. Zumba's just become a life style, the marathon of zumba® or some accesories can prove it.

Do you fancy vibrating tonight?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Is there tolerance in twenty-first century?

This week I've seen a French movie which is titled Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu? And the international title is "Serial (Bad) Weddings". This movie's received quite a lot of rave, but not worldwide, I'll write some detail regarding it.

About what is this movie? The plot is about a slightly stuffy match has four daughters and, so far, three of them've puzzled their parents because they've wedded with men from other cultures who are believers of totally different religious: one of them is Muslim, the other is Jew and and the third is Chinese man. Multicultural family's simple dinner can turn into the tensest situation. The families differ in outlooks, prejudices until... consumed meals. It seems that parents've started to become used to have that family and live in hope that the the youngest daughter won't disappoint them. That's too much when Laure presents them her fiancé who is from Ivory Coast.

Nnowadays, more and more families are founding in such situation due to globalisation, one of complex social terms which implies many changes in our lifes. Currently, it seems that in 21century, we've overcome the racism, intolerance, prejudices and we're open-minded, without exception. But, in fact, we still demonstrate our bias against other religions or cultures and, sometimes, we aren't conscious of it.

Undoubtedly, the contact with other cultures changes our attitude towards foreigns and not only. Although, some people considers that travelling not always broaden our outlook or otherwise it can makes us intolerant one more time. After coexist with some foreign, we can claim that we can't and won't can accept their style of life or attitude.

I've mention that the movie hasn't gotten everywhere a good reviews. It's more, in UK and US cinema-goers won't have a change to seem it. Due to film distributors who consider that it foments stereotypes instead fight with them.

And you, do you think that we've overcome prejudices towards other people who differ in your ideas, world view...?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

About something what I  don't understand completely
and citizen's responsibility

In this week we've celebrated National Independence Day on 11 November. In my city, Poznan (Poznań), this festival is quite grandiose because it coincides with festivity of Saint Martin street. The mentioned street is/ was a main street in Poznań. Nowadays, marchs, concerts and full range of displays take place there in this day. Poznań's habitants, and not only, tuck in one type of horseshoe-shaped croissant. This delicacy figures in the list of Geographical indications and traditional specialities in the European Union. That is to say, any croissant couldn't be Saint Martin Croissant (Rogal świętomarciński). In many homes people cook the own version of croissant and full it with jam, plum stew or just with apples. The originally filling of Saint Martin Croissant is a white poppy. There is a legend which is connected with Saint Martin, but I think you can google it on your own.

In this year in the same week, all country holds municipals elections. I quite like my city and to be frank I can affirm that Poznan is building up, although I don't approve all decisions taken by authorities. I've come from croissant to the politics (I've changed the subject completely) and it's the point which I often don't understand. Recently, hearing about polish politician's trips, rather voyages, with goosebumps, I finally understood that politics is virtually the other planet. I hope they will pay the price. I'm aware that a big part of them rob us. Although, the issue is about parliament's politics, I lead you to go vote tomorrow. In secondary school, one teacher asked us who had casted his vote and...among about 20 person, maybe 5 affirmed. The point is a lot of people normally say „I couldn't care less, my vote will change anything. Despite these opinions, I encourage you to take part in tomorrow's voting.

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Do you consider you don't have a sense of humor? Do you belive you or some part of your friends are dull? You're wrong! Everybody has sense of humor, but the point is that there is variety of humor. Accordin to the Aristotle's theory, in human body exists some kind (to be exact,four) of liquid which dominates in our organism. I will mention them: the blood, the phlegm, the bile and the black bile. These fluids, respectively, concern our tipe of character: quick-tempered, phlegmatic, choleraic and melancholic.

From the point of view of scientists, the sense of humor is connected with our personality and way of perceive the world. Everybody finds it in other way, therfore, one situation can be interpreted differently, all is relative. One can died with laughter because he just has heard a joke of the war or a dirty joke. In the same moment, the other person can be wound. Morover, he can think that this kind of joke shouldn't be presented.

What is the origin of joke and situation in which we laught? They quite often appear after the someone's lapse or boob. The jokers present us the subject of interpersonal relations, difference between women and men, which permit us keep a distance and reflect our attitued. The other topic is a politics, especially, in Poland. Some jokes turn out to be offensive and foment stereotypes.
I supose the sens of humor varies depending on culture. In Poland, there are a lot of joke about Jewishs and, the other hand, Spanishes have a large number of joke which told about gypsies.

Moliere said that If you can laugh at you, it is the best evidence that you have a sense of humor. I think it's not easy and it require a maturation, for the reason that we can be abble to treat some opinions not seriously.

I will cite the other though which was said by Lord Byron: Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. Does existe better recommendation...? 


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Take it easy! You´ve only one chance

Does the absolute mess in the room get on your nerves? The dirty dishes, scattered clothes, socks on the carpet, messy mirror, disorganised notes on your desk, laundry list, partner's untidiness drives your mad, and you could mention at least one thousand things more...
You complain about the weather, about the sun, the wind. Every morning you wake up and go to the university, school or job without interest. You are fed up with getting up at 5.30, with shopping, paying electricity bill, with traffic jam, with stuffy or cold tram, pedestrians who walk cross the bike path...Summarizing, any thing infuriates you.

Nevertheless, from time to time we stop and reflect on our life. If somebody is catholic, it occurs normally at the end of October or early on November. But my intention isn't give you a sermon on your life. I prefer the word message or envoy which will be cross ideological.

Over the century, the ancient erudites, romanticism's poets, reggae's singer or singer-songwriter, among other something,have transmited one message which has become a timeless motto: one day, everybody will be forced to pass away. Yes, PASS AWAY. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or
a man, you have a good job or you are unemployed, you are short or tall, you speak five foreign languages or you don't. Every human being will throw in its lot with other, without exception.
I don't approve a hermitic life, I just attempt to convince you and me that it's worth living without strain and stress (yes, it's immiment, but we can reduce the index of stress).

Yes, this ascertainment doesn't fill us with hope, but at the same time it gives us food for thought and encourages us to take advantage of life and take it easy. I wish you didn't care less anythings.
Did you ever consider that the mayority of thing which infuriates you, in reality, they doesn't matter if you view on life like the only change which is given us by Somebody or Something.

So, take it easy!