Thursday, 21 May 2015

  Have you ever wonder if you're glad of your appearance? Are you thinking about some changes in your body? Don't you like your rolls of fat, double chin? Don't you feel good in your body? Today I'm going to write some reflection about it.

After all, I would explain the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?
People rarely realise the difference between them and use both interchangeably. So, plastic surgery is focused on repairing some defects due to birth disorder or accident. This type of surgery aims at reconstructing a normal function and/or appearance.

plastic surgery
On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is focused on enhancing appearance. It aims to improving esthetic appeal, proportions and symmetry.

cosmetic surgery
If you was always thinking these types of surgery are just people's whim, you're wrong. Given the fact that plastic surgery helps people reestablish properly functions. As for me, I´m favour of this type of surgery. Cosmetic surgery seems more delicate. On the one hand, why people shouldn´t improving their body if they afford to pay it and they wish get well-being? On the other hand, don't they should accept themselves? In former times society didn't have an opportunity to 'improve themselves'.

There are many reasons why people undergo cosmetic surgery. There are both emotional and social factors. Among emotional reasons, we can mention that people wish look younger, change features they don't like, get greater self-confidence or please their partners, friends...However, cosmetic surgery should always be an own decision! Who settle beau ideal? We should keep in mind that these ideal are changing over the course of years and they vary according to countries (for example, in some Latin American countries to have a big buttock is really fashionable, which in Europe it isn't.

It's quite frightening that in many Latin American countries girls who are fourteen years old get a voucher to undergo some cosmetic surgery, the most common is breast augmentation. The adolescents grow up considering that their physical appearance is the most valuable what they have. According many reports, cosmetic surgery doesn't boost self-esteem, it's just a first impression which doesn't resolve real mental problems. People have undergone cosmetic surgery after the first operation can wish the next and in that way they get caught in a vicious circle.

As all type  of surgery, cosmetic surgery can sometimes go wrong. I'm going to mention only a few: scars, swelling, infection or haemorrhage. On the Internet you can find a lot of examples of people who after surgery seem like a doll and not like a real person.

What's about you? Are you wondering about undergo cosmetic surgery?