Wednesday, 23 December 2015

 Culinary education

In September a new law went into effect. The law concerns food at tuck shops. According to the act, is banned selling some foodstuff, like carbonated beverages, crisps, salty snacks. Interestingly, the name „tuck shops” involves what they sell at. However, in Polish, it doesn't. We just call it, literally, „shop at school” or „scholastic shop”.
The law has been ordains in order to prevent the childhood obesity epidemic and contain it. According to data, the index of obesity is constantly increasing. Although, in Poland the numbers aren't so high comparing with other countries, our position isn't a credit to us.
At the beginning, I considered this law so radical because I care my nutrition (or I think so ;)) and from time to time I eat a candy bar, but after reflection, I decided it is a good solution. Nowadays, there are more food temptation than when I was a child. Many parents work all day and they haven't time to cook or say that they can't do it. However, I know people who prepare their meals in the evening for the next day. I was doing the same when I was in Granada. Now it's more difficult because when I spend all the time out of the house I haven't possibility of reheating it (you can read my post blog about microwave at university). The specialists highlight not only the quality of meals but also the importance of the way of eating ( company).

We mustn't forget the parents are responsible in the first place for their children thus the culinary education can't limit to theoretical and practical workshops at school, but all school community (parents, teachers, school employee) should be involved in this long-term project. From infancy we should learn children good habits because it has impact on their all live and all society. In Polish we have a proverb which says what youth is used to, age remembers. I think there isn't more appropriate words to comment this issue :).!

You will find some information about this topic in this page:

Monday, 21 December 2015

 Christmas time

Last week I had a chance to participate in a collection for charity. A charity worker chose one family (a grandmother who breeds a granddaughter). All students and academic workers could bring food product, toiletries, clothes or objects that could make out grandmother and granddaughter passion, like singing. I remember this kind of event for I was at school. Over the years I've attempted to a greater or lesser extent to help- I was buying some sweeties or some basic foodstuff. This year it's my  last year when I'm a student, for this reason I wanted to get involved more seriously. That's why I felt obligated to provide cosmetics items and some detergents. Others bought clothes, boots, food (like rice, flour, pasta...). Inclusively, we collected so much products, the charity worker could prepare 27 packages! The family's gotten them.

  This sort of action (in Poland, one of the most known action is The Noble Box Project)
gives me hope that people can unite and help. Together it is easier!

You can visit the website od The Noble Box Project:

Sunday, 6 December 2015


Since some moths taking a tram, I can observe a building of a huge shopping mall which will finally be called „Posnania” and not „Łacina”. The construction site is pretty norm. There is so much illumination and worker's bunkhouse. The total surface will achieve more than 200 thousand square metre. It will seat three hundred commercial places. This centre will be the third of the biggest shopping malls in Poland. Its building has causes polemic. There are many voices that Poznan is a flooded city and with the highest average shopping centre fallen on one dweller.
Some politician and one port of Poznań's community have been against this project. I am one of them. I consider at Poznan and Posnania will be located nearby an one big centre (Malta). The supporters point out location of Posnania and that it will employ 3 thousand of person. Nevertheless, I ask me a question: will be viable? Recently, I have realised some shops have their residence too close (e.g. some clothing shops are set at the same street on Polwiejska). Besides, it has a social impact. It influences on people the pressure of buying and can continue with a lifestyle change. Many people and more adolescent will spend their leisure time in shopping mall. If I could decide, I would built a park instead.

You will find the list of the biggest shopping centre worldwide, clicking on this link:

Friday, 4 December 2015

Nowadays, we hear pretty a lot about ecological foodstuff. There are a full range of these products on the store shelves. Recently, shops with eco, bio or organic products have sprung up. All of us have become a specialist of nutrition. However, how does it work? Which product can be tallied such ecological commodity?

First, if we see on the packet a label „ek” or „bio” it doesn't mean this product, effectively, it it. Buying, we have to examine the tally. If it is a bio product, it has a certified logo with twelve stars, what form an European certificate. What does it mean that a product is eco? The are so many factors, including, conditions of farm (the kind of forage, the prohibition of fertiliser, hormone and antibiotic using).

The other concept frequently used is a term „a good food”. Nevertheless, it is meaningless for specialists. In fact, it means nothing cause for each organism other product can be healthy.
Having reflected, we can write that a demand for this sort of commodities comes from a need to come back to previous (traditional) customs and to reject an undue development or is it a new trend in order to realise benefits?

Sunday, 15 November 2015

 I remember about last year ago I wrote a post blog about femicide, which means women's killing. It's stupefying this world doesn't exist in English dictionary, however it exist in DRAE Real Spanish Academics Dictionary). Unfortunately, this subject is really topical. Some weeks ago I saw a headline in one of Polish newspaper which spoke about femicide in one of the city of Great Poland. Those articles appear from time to time. Nevertheless, how many cases aren't mentioned in the media? During my stay in Spain, many times I heard about woman's killing, torture, rape...I don't pretend to say that only women suffer and are killed. Though there are more cases of women's killing commited by men which are sex or gender killing. However, media often say about domestic crime and it is usually a perverse jealousy that is a main reason of atrocity. Ex boyfriends or ex girlfriend envy their exparters the love. Sorry, I would have written love in quotes, „love”. We musnt't call love which is actually a sick feeling and affection. People think the other person is their property and when „this property” behaves against him or her (for example, leave him/her), the „owner” considers he/she is unpunished and can do whatever. But the life doesn't work like that.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

     Are you a biker or a pedestrian?

In this blog spot I would like to put forward the subject of cycling in the city and not only. As I've mentioned some time ago I cycle to the university and wherever I want to reach. I've discovered it's the most faster way to do it. Since I cycle, I've more power an my well-being's improved. If you cycle in the morning, you ventilate your body and mind. You can plan the day and think about your tasks. However, don't forget you're on the road, bike path or pavement, so you must be focused on the drive. I'm sure you've heard about the principle of limited trust: you must be ALWAYS careful and concentrated. In practise, it means you should be amble to predict the behaviour of others. Even when you have the green light, you should ensure you can go or pass the zebra crossing.

I've observed people behave as if they were the only one on the road. People seem be overstressed and don't register others. Then, I wish all were more understanding. Mine main concern is to transmit a emergency vehicle. I've been a witness to ambulance's waiting because others cars or buses block ambulance's way, although this kind of vehicle has priority.

Drive carefully! :)

Monday, 2 November 2015

 How sweeten first of November?

One of the topical subject is All Saint's Day. In Poland, many people (not all) contrast it with Halloween and reject it. In fact, Halloween isn't an American festivity. The origin of this celebrity dates to Celtic age, therefore it derives in Europe.

I want to share with you some sweeties prepared in Spain for first of November. Not all Spanish families prepare them, mostly the elderly. On the other hand, bakery's window display are overfull of them.

You can find puffs (in Spanish- buñuelos de viento) before they weren't filled, but nowadays they are usually filled with turron, cream or chocolate.

The panallets (it's a Catalan word) are another treat cooked in Catalan-Speaking area. Its origin is Muslim, so the basic ingredients are sugar, almond and egg white.

The most curious sweet is huesos de santo (Saint's bones). They are whitish and have a form of tube. This tube is made of marzipan. The filling is based on egg yolk. Their name isn't surprise because derives due to the form and colour.

Regarding to Halloween, you can find it written „Jalowin”. In the northwest part of Spain people have celebrated Fiesta de Castaña or Magosto (Festivity of chestnut). It's almost celebrated in Catalonia (Castanyada) and in the Basque Country. The most relevant part is bake the chestnut. In some families, this ritual is still kept. Chestnuts are a symbol of upcoming winter.

Saturday, 31 October 2015


Today I'm going to present an issue which is unwelcome to talk about it. Who wants to think about slaves and slavery? We live in twenty first century which is related with freedom, wealth and development. Not many people wish reflect on old-fashioned concepts like slave, subject, slavery, master, whip...However, does it really belong in the past?

Unfortunately, for me it isn't so obvious. I'm not going to broach a situation in the Third World (although this term could be another topic). I'm going to reflect about European situation and I warn you it won't be an optimistic post.

Recently, they are talking not only about European economic crisis but also identity crisis. I will focus on Polish situation. In Poland, many people (young and not only) have 'junk' job contract. They haven't a pensionable pay so they live with insecurity. Concerning conditions in these factories sometimes you must service, for example, two machines once. It isn't a reality only in factory. I know in some chain stores you mustn't go to the toilet when you need. Why? You have a break and it is a time for eat something and go to the toilet.

When you heard about cases like these, it's highly like it comes to mind that there is slavery but under a veil. „Junk” employment contract poses a urgent problem and politics should tackle it. When I'm thinking about it I can't agree with Gandhi's quote „Freedom and slavery are mental states”. Nowadays, in many cases, you have a (poor,exploitative) work or you haven't, but you have to support you and your family.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

 Today I'm going to list my observations about Spanish and Poland university. My notices originated during my stay in Granada. I haven't any intention to offend somebody. I warn you that in many cases I focus on physical appearance, but not only!

A majority of students wear backpack and not handbag, an it comes across as they are younger that Polish students. Actually, they are because they start to go at univeristy when they are eighteen years old. I think, in Poland, students normally wear a handbag instead of backpack.
I would like to share with you one more issue regarding to appearance. In those university it is more common that students still express their subculture, therefore, there are more rockers, Rastafarian, punk or whoever. It also made I was feeling there as if I were in high school and not at university. In my summing-up, Spanish students looks younger that Polish students. However, students of the male gender usually seem older through the beard. I could distinguish two groups of Spanish students. One group look really young, and the second group wearing handbag and overdressed, which seem quite elegant. I think at Polish university, there is not so big difference.

I really liked the idea of placing some microwaves in canteen! Although, I am not convinced that they are safe and if the foodstuff are not changing their chemical structure. I saved money through this idea. Each day I had one hour and 30 minutes of break (from 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.) It was time to have dinner. I consider it will be a perfect solution at Polish university. The Polish climate is all the more reason why they should follow this idea :)! I could carry a plastic box to university and there warm up the meal.

One more point I liked in Granada, it was a tap which supply the mountain water, from Sierra Nevada. Whenever you want to drink or refill your bottle you can do it in university corridor. In the cafeteria you can drink some beer. Yes, it is true. I am not wrong. They considered it like thirst quencher and not like drink. You should keep in mind that Spanish beer usually is not that strong like in Poland.

What is more, Spanish university can be called a melting pot. When you attend classes or just you are at university, you can observe faces from around the world. I don't want to say in Poland there aren't foreign students, but it is a smaller scale.

I suppose it is all what I was going to share with us regarding the some difference I observed there.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

 A new academic year has begun and, as always, I have some resolutions to make :). For now, I am pretty optimistic, and well, we will see how many resolutions I am able to make. In this year I have more obligation than next year, and I have to write a master's thesis. Regarding the last thing, now I am excited ;), and I hope it will not change! I am slightly worried because I  emember my feelings when I was writing my thesis to claim the bachelor's degree...Although some time ago I have seen a Henry Ford's quote, which is concerning the time organisation: Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” My intention is follow these words. Besides, I'm going to enjoy cultural event which take place in Poznan, attend zumba classes and find time for my closes/friends. I hope it is not a wild fancy! Enjoying a good weather, I cycle to university. I wish to go by bicycle as long as it is possible, I mean if the weather is good, I will cycle :)! Riding a bike, I have more power and I can admire a changing nature.
What about you? Do you have any new academic year's resolution? Please, keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

 I got back to Poland one month ago. During few days I was feeling strangely, even my home seemed unfamiliar. During first week I was surprised people around me were speaking Polish and not Spanish or French! Sometimes I start my statement in Spanish and by few minutes I realise I should speak Polish. Last week I dropped off when I was in a tramp. When I awakened, I said, without thought, joder, which means „cor” or „golly”.
I still compare the lifestyle in Spain and in Poland. I suppose I'll reflect about it in the near future :). On the Internet you can find a lot of articles about posterasmus depression. At the moment, I consider it one of the best experience of my life. It's possible I'll miss some thing which I liked there, but I remember also some symptoms of homesickness.

Saturday, 4 July 2015


Now, in Spain we're living a heat wave. In fact, temperature is high in all country, not only in Andalucia. So I'm going to describe one of these days, if you're a student who has holidays.

  1. You wake up at 9 am and you notice it will be a hooooooooot day.
  2. You close all windows and draw blinds.
  3. Even if you're in your underwear, you still be hot.
  4. You drink a cold water buy you're dying of thirst.
  5. Actually, you aren't hungry at all, you could eat only fruits.
  6. At midday and until 8 pm you can't concentrate and all what you wish is have a tepid shower and take a siesta.
  7. But if you take a siesta, you can't sleep, you can be only in your underwear or nude and you're sweating. Pay attention that you do nothing and you're sweating...
  8. In the end, you go out, it's 8 pm and when you're in the street you're still sweating and the sun is shining like it would be 2 pm.
  9. You have supper at 10 pm. (or latter).
  10. You´re looking for a waterhole/water supply when you're in the street. Fortunately,there are many small fountaines.
  11. You see with your friends around 11 or 12 pm. And you realise you can breathe!
  12. You go back at 7 am and you notice that there are only 2 or 3 hours of relative breeze.

In fact, Granada isn't the hottest city. Normally, the highest temperatures are taken in Sevilla or Córdoba. In these days even foreigners've understood the importance of  have a siesta, but it's true that there are many places worldwide in which the temperature is higher than here and people don't take a siesta. It's known that doctors recommend have a siesta all year, not only in the summer. The only thing what I like in these days is can be out at 3 am and you can wear only dress, without any sweater.

And dose of  humor ;)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

In the last days I was studying for my Catalan exam. This language isn´t only living language in Catalonia, but also on the Balearic Islands, in one part of Valencia, Aragón, in Roussillon, which is a part of France and in one Italian city, Alguer.

Personally, I consider language which has a common point with - it's an obviousness- Spanish, French, Italy or Portuguese but not only. When I was sudying I've realised Catalan has some common qualities with English! For instance, to form plural of masculine noun or some adjectives, you should add only „s”. I got Catalan dictionary and at the beginning they explain some basic rules of pronunciation and, even, they compare some sounds with English sounds! A word „father”, in Catalan „pare”, both „e” are  pronounced like in English (or like in Catalan ;) ).

I reckon the origin of Catalan has many elements. There is one more confirmation that a language reflects also community's thought, for example, „I love you” in Catalan is „T'estimo”, what means „I respect you”, as well.

-Do you speak Catalan? 
-Yes, just a little.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Who are you? Enneagram of Personality

It's probable that most correct question would be „What type of personality do you have?”
There are many tests which help you discover or confirm your type of personality. One of the most celebrated is this one which distinguish a:

sanguine person”

However, there are tests which compare a personality with an animal. This way you can be a beaver, golden retriever, otter or lion :). It's known worldwide each person has own personality, but we shouldn't forget each of us has grown in other home, economic and school environment  all these factor have influence on us. Even if someone doesn't believe these test, he/she has to confirm we are different. Some of us like challenges, action, power, they are competitive, goal-oriented and decisive. On the other hand, we know people who are slow-paced, agreeable, nurturing, they need freedom to work at own pace or person are accurate, organized but too picky.

Last week I went to a workshop organized for a teachers, entitled „Enneagram in learning and teaching process”. Enneagram of Personality is one of methods which helps define our personality, but it differs from the others methods. Why? According this model there are nine personalities. However, it has form of circle and each personality has her own „neighbours” and goes in two „directions”. Each personality has three levels: immature, normal and mature level. It means each person is apt to behave in many way, it's depends on vital moment in which someone goes.
The Enneagram of Personality has a long tradition. Of course, there are various versions. Some people has dedicated their life to it, adds religious elements to Enneagram. It's obvious is better be neutrality.

Organizers emphasised there are many way to react in the same situation and it works also in the class or at university. Each teacher, lecturer and students is unique and different. Be different doesn't mean worse or impolite (not always :)). Other address issue was a scant awareness about enneagram and his application in a school environmental. They came to a conclusion we don't speak a lot about emotional at school, and in particular, at university. This method is used by some concerns and companies. It could be known in Human Resources also.

If you have been interested in the enneagram, there are some books about it and in some city you can sign up for enneagram class.

I'm glad I could participate in this workshop, I knew the enneagram and I hope can apply this knowledge in my professional work, and personal life, in the future!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

  Have you ever wonder if you're glad of your appearance? Are you thinking about some changes in your body? Don't you like your rolls of fat, double chin? Don't you feel good in your body? Today I'm going to write some reflection about it.

After all, I would explain the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?
People rarely realise the difference between them and use both interchangeably. So, plastic surgery is focused on repairing some defects due to birth disorder or accident. This type of surgery aims at reconstructing a normal function and/or appearance.

plastic surgery
On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is focused on enhancing appearance. It aims to improving esthetic appeal, proportions and symmetry.

cosmetic surgery
If you was always thinking these types of surgery are just people's whim, you're wrong. Given the fact that plastic surgery helps people reestablish properly functions. As for me, I´m favour of this type of surgery. Cosmetic surgery seems more delicate. On the one hand, why people shouldn´t improving their body if they afford to pay it and they wish get well-being? On the other hand, don't they should accept themselves? In former times society didn't have an opportunity to 'improve themselves'.

There are many reasons why people undergo cosmetic surgery. There are both emotional and social factors. Among emotional reasons, we can mention that people wish look younger, change features they don't like, get greater self-confidence or please their partners, friends...However, cosmetic surgery should always be an own decision! Who settle beau ideal? We should keep in mind that these ideal are changing over the course of years and they vary according to countries (for example, in some Latin American countries to have a big buttock is really fashionable, which in Europe it isn't.

It's quite frightening that in many Latin American countries girls who are fourteen years old get a voucher to undergo some cosmetic surgery, the most common is breast augmentation. The adolescents grow up considering that their physical appearance is the most valuable what they have. According many reports, cosmetic surgery doesn't boost self-esteem, it's just a first impression which doesn't resolve real mental problems. People have undergone cosmetic surgery after the first operation can wish the next and in that way they get caught in a vicious circle.

As all type  of surgery, cosmetic surgery can sometimes go wrong. I'm going to mention only a few: scars, swelling, infection or haemorrhage. On the Internet you can find a lot of examples of people who after surgery seem like a doll and not like a real person.

What's about you? Are you wondering about undergo cosmetic surgery?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

   If I had done something, now I could have another life...

Have you ever thought this way or don't you like speculating? Recently, I was thinking about what could be my life if I hadn't chosen a bilingual class ten years ago. I'm going to enumerate some points.

- If I hadn't chosen a bilingual class, it's highly likely that now I wouldn't be in Granada.
  • If I hadn't went to Granada eight years ago, I wouldn't have known my Spanish friend.
  • If I hadn't known her, I wouldn't have cooked pierogi (it's a Polish dish) two weeks ago on my own. (Of course, my Spanish friend helped me.)
  • If I hadn't chose study Spanish Language and Literature, probably I wouldn't know about many countries in Latin America (I wouldn't know that they exist.)
  • If I didn't study Spanish Language, I wouldn't have worked in Spain.
  • If I hadn't worked in Spain, I probably wouldn't have visited the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres.
  • If I didn´t study Spanish, I might know that is possible address professor informally.
  • If I didn't study Catalan, English, French and Spanish, I would know fewer cultural habits which exist worldwide.
  • If I didn't study it, I wouldn't imagine that something can be „as clear as day” or „it's clear like water” (in Spain it is said like that) ”, however, in Polish we say ”as clear as sun”. I really enjoy discovering differences in proverbs. The proverbs contain the nation's perspective on the world.
Finally, If I didn't study languages, I wouldn't be a person who I'm now. I don't regret my decision at all! I consider a learning languages it isn't only acquire other language, but also discover other culture. It's a ideal way to broaden the mind!

I'm going to quote Goethe: The more languages a man knows, so many more times he is a man".
And what about you? Assuming you could take a decision (connected with your studies, work, love life...) one more time, would you changed it?

Broaden your horizons (through languages or any mental activity) !

Friday, 10 April 2015

     Where is a pudding?

I've just realised that I haven't written any post almost for two weeks. It's quite weird, because I've many ideas in my mind all time!
Do you wonder if I've been wrong about today topic? No, I haven't. Today I'm going to write about pudding. Would you ask me why? Last week a great segment of population was preparing to Easter. I connect each break with my mother's delectable baking! I tuck into a delicious cheesecakes in particular! [yummy]. Therefore, I decided to prepare one of them. I needed flour, milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar and ...pudding. You can guess that I had problem getting it! In Spain, there are flan (crème caramel), flan de nata (crème caramel with cream) and natillas, but there isn't pudding, or I haven't gotten it yet...I was searching in Internet, I went to Lidl, Alcampo (Alcampo is Auchan), I was asking people for it and I didn't get it. When I was coming back to house, after a long search, I was seething. For me, the pudding is one of the basic products. When I calmed down, I though 'one man's meat is another man's poison'.
However, I was so much determined and I found a cheesecake recipe without pudding!
I just used flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, natural yogurt and philadelphia cheese. You can admire the effect below :). When I tasted first piece, I put the irritation behind me.

 I'm going to tell you one more thing connected with Easter, just out for curiosity. Both in Poland and in some regions in Spain, we buy chocolate Easter bunny and chocolate Easter eggs. This habit exists, for instance in Silesia and Greater Poland (Poland) and, for example, in Catalonia (Spain). In Andalusia, it means, when I'm living now, this habit doesn't exist.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

 I am conscious that this period is a period of Lent, which is significant for Catholic and it is a time of reflection and prayer. Nevertheless, I am going to write some lines about Carnival of Cádiz. It doesn't mean that I don´t respect holy time, it is just because I am behindhand with my posts :).

I went to Cádiz at my first weekend of my Erasmus+ period, that is at 14th of February.
We were quite large group, as there were twelve buses!! Some of us were in disguise: they disguised themselves as policeman, as nursery, as hippie, as child in nappy, as Superman, as Aladdin...We could admire vivid imagination of our group and not only. Both the natives and foreigners participate in this event. Although, carnival take place in many Spanish cities and villages, normally it is said that Carnival of Cádiz is the most celebrated. In what does it consist?
People disguise themselves, participate in parade on the street, which goes through the city. There are concerts at some squares so the participants dance.

During that night I could saw both adolescents, adults, children and elders, therefore, I've come to the conclusion that people celebrate carnival worldwide so as to amuse and spend time together. The only possible and real inconvenience is visible the next day. Out group left at 5 a.m on Sunday, so we could not see it, but I am sure that the streets were dirty, full of rubbish and bottles of vine or other alcoholic drinks on February's Sunday.

I was wondering if it could be possible to introduce the custom of carnival in Poland, but I realised in Poland people celebrate it, but in different ways. People go to the club or to the barn dance. Thus, I can write that each nation has conformed its customs with the conditions which around it, like climate :). [Although, in this year the winter in Poland was not harsh ;)].

If you will opportunity to go to Cádiz someday, do not miss go on the beach! Uunfortunately, I missed it!

If you want read more about Carnival in Cádiz, click on this link:

Thursday, 12 March 2015

       Last weekend I went to Lisbon! :) Will somebody ask me it's worth it? I will response, honestly, yes! It's well worth a visit! Lisbon, as everybody knows, is capital of Portugal, nevertheless, it isn't overwhelming. By my observation, the development is low, and maybe it's the reason that you don't feel there like in a capital. The most surprising is that if you go there, you can also see another celebrated worldwide monuments. How is it possible? The answer is plain, you can contemplate there:

  • monument The Christ the King (Cristo Rei), which is inspired by the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro (to bring to mind, the higher statue of Christ is located in Swiebodzin, Poland)
  • 25 de Abril Bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril), which recalls the Golden Bridge in San Francisco. The date commemorate the Carnations Revolution.

Nevertheless, Portugal has own also breathtaking views and monuments. I'm going to describe briefly some of them. We visited Castle of São Jorge (Castelo de São Jorge) which is located on the hill, so at sunset, a view over city, the statue and the bridge streches from it. The castle reflects Christian and Arab rules in Portugal. The Pena National Palace in Sintra (Pálacio Nacional de Pena) is further must-see in Portugal. It's also located on the hill, but when you're climbing you can admire the botanical species which is the reason why the Palace is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Palace if full of little towers and colourful walls. We saw it during foggy day, which gave secreter views. Quinta de Regaleira is part of Sintra as well. The vegetation and caves is what makes this place unusual.
Casa de Alentejo is the aforetime home entertainment and depicts Arab architecture, in particular, the arches and the mosaic on the walls.

Is well-known that Portugal had a royal fleet and travelled all the world to find new earth. Therefore, we can visit Bairro de Belém with Belém Tower (Torre de Belém) and Monumento aos Descobrimentos, which represents the most relevant personalities connected with the discovery of the New World, like yachtsmen, scientists and missionaries, for example, Vasco da Gama or Bartolomeu Dias.
I'm not going to describe Cape Roca (Cape Roca) or Jerónimos Monastery (Monasteiro de Jerónimos), but I really want to mention one more attraction in Lisbon, don't miss it: Bairro Alto which forms the entertainment centre in the night. I knew it for first time. During the night, the allies is filling and people just drink spirits before they have a good time. On Sunday, there were so many people that it was almost impossible to pass through the street, it seemed like all the world had to be in the same place at the same moment.

I spent there three days, but one day I wish to come back there. Don't forgive the useful word Abrigado/Abrigada. Abrigada, for having an opportunity to visit Lisbon!!!


Sunday, 8 February 2015

 I really astonished that, nowadays, people can appreciate immaterial things, like GOOD weather, and the Sun, in particular. Poland is one of the countries which is celebrated for low rate of sunny days. During the majority of year, Polish hard up for sunbeam.

It comes as no surprise, some time ago the scientists proved that sunlight influences on human body, well-being, and it's the most significant, on the mental state. In those countries like Poland, the doctors, sociologist, psychologies jot down higher index number of case of blues, diminishment
 of self-esteem or depression. Thus the overseas trips, holidays, towards countries with a warm weather
During the winter like this year's, although it isn't harsh, people miss the sun! How is the reason? The answer is banal: through one month I haven't observed rays of lights! (by the way, I couldn't picture Spanishs', Italians'...reaction). Wherefore, I've opportunity to hear children, thirty-year-old person and elder who were complain about our climate in the tram or in the bus.

I'm not surprised because I consider the Sun is life. For me, it's a winds of change, of hope and when I stick my head towards sun, I fell that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And you, what do you think when you fell the warmth of sun?

Saturday, 31 January 2015

 What kind of customer are you?

Do you observe others when you're shopping? Have you found that the customers' habits had changed? I've observed some people take a product off the shelf and immediately they put it in the trolley. The other, they immerse themselves in studying the label. When I was child, in the middle of '90s, the supermarkets appeared in Poland, it seemed that people were shopping feverishly, few words, willy-nilly. We didn't care what we were shopping, what there were inside that can, bottle or wrapping.
With the trend of counting calories, healthy food, it's emerged a one more tendency towards studying labels profoundly. At first sight, it seems to be an admirable custom. Of course, I follow this attitude because it points manufacturer that the customers don't want whatever. Nevertheless, I'm thinking how much sure we can be regarding truth of date which we find in the packet...
I remember that one day I was speechless when I read that some product was without preservatives...lawfully. I add that it was about a product for babies. In that moment I realised that it's impossible be sure what we buy and eat. The only thing what we can do it's minimise the risk that we buy the food, clothing, medicines which could impair us.