Saturday, 31 October 2015


Today I'm going to present an issue which is unwelcome to talk about it. Who wants to think about slaves and slavery? We live in twenty first century which is related with freedom, wealth and development. Not many people wish reflect on old-fashioned concepts like slave, subject, slavery, master, whip...However, does it really belong in the past?

Unfortunately, for me it isn't so obvious. I'm not going to broach a situation in the Third World (although this term could be another topic). I'm going to reflect about European situation and I warn you it won't be an optimistic post.

Recently, they are talking not only about European economic crisis but also identity crisis. I will focus on Polish situation. In Poland, many people (young and not only) have 'junk' job contract. They haven't a pensionable pay so they live with insecurity. Concerning conditions in these factories sometimes you must service, for example, two machines once. It isn't a reality only in factory. I know in some chain stores you mustn't go to the toilet when you need. Why? You have a break and it is a time for eat something and go to the toilet.

When you heard about cases like these, it's highly like it comes to mind that there is slavery but under a veil. „Junk” employment contract poses a urgent problem and politics should tackle it. When I'm thinking about it I can't agree with Gandhi's quote „Freedom and slavery are mental states”. Nowadays, in many cases, you have a (poor,exploitative) work or you haven't, but you have to support you and your family.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

 Today I'm going to list my observations about Spanish and Poland university. My notices originated during my stay in Granada. I haven't any intention to offend somebody. I warn you that in many cases I focus on physical appearance, but not only!

A majority of students wear backpack and not handbag, an it comes across as they are younger that Polish students. Actually, they are because they start to go at univeristy when they are eighteen years old. I think, in Poland, students normally wear a handbag instead of backpack.
I would like to share with you one more issue regarding to appearance. In those university it is more common that students still express their subculture, therefore, there are more rockers, Rastafarian, punk or whoever. It also made I was feeling there as if I were in high school and not at university. In my summing-up, Spanish students looks younger that Polish students. However, students of the male gender usually seem older through the beard. I could distinguish two groups of Spanish students. One group look really young, and the second group wearing handbag and overdressed, which seem quite elegant. I think at Polish university, there is not so big difference.

I really liked the idea of placing some microwaves in canteen! Although, I am not convinced that they are safe and if the foodstuff are not changing their chemical structure. I saved money through this idea. Each day I had one hour and 30 minutes of break (from 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.) It was time to have dinner. I consider it will be a perfect solution at Polish university. The Polish climate is all the more reason why they should follow this idea :)! I could carry a plastic box to university and there warm up the meal.

One more point I liked in Granada, it was a tap which supply the mountain water, from Sierra Nevada. Whenever you want to drink or refill your bottle you can do it in university corridor. In the cafeteria you can drink some beer. Yes, it is true. I am not wrong. They considered it like thirst quencher and not like drink. You should keep in mind that Spanish beer usually is not that strong like in Poland.

What is more, Spanish university can be called a melting pot. When you attend classes or just you are at university, you can observe faces from around the world. I don't want to say in Poland there aren't foreign students, but it is a smaller scale.

I suppose it is all what I was going to share with us regarding the some difference I observed there.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

 A new academic year has begun and, as always, I have some resolutions to make :). For now, I am pretty optimistic, and well, we will see how many resolutions I am able to make. In this year I have more obligation than next year, and I have to write a master's thesis. Regarding the last thing, now I am excited ;), and I hope it will not change! I am slightly worried because I  emember my feelings when I was writing my thesis to claim the bachelor's degree...Although some time ago I have seen a Henry Ford's quote, which is concerning the time organisation: Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” My intention is follow these words. Besides, I'm going to enjoy cultural event which take place in Poznan, attend zumba classes and find time for my closes/friends. I hope it is not a wild fancy! Enjoying a good weather, I cycle to university. I wish to go by bicycle as long as it is possible, I mean if the weather is good, I will cycle :)! Riding a bike, I have more power and I can admire a changing nature.
What about you? Do you have any new academic year's resolution? Please, keep your fingers crossed.