Sunday, 15 November 2015

 I remember about last year ago I wrote a post blog about femicide, which means women's killing. It's stupefying this world doesn't exist in English dictionary, however it exist in DRAE Real Spanish Academics Dictionary). Unfortunately, this subject is really topical. Some weeks ago I saw a headline in one of Polish newspaper which spoke about femicide in one of the city of Great Poland. Those articles appear from time to time. Nevertheless, how many cases aren't mentioned in the media? During my stay in Spain, many times I heard about woman's killing, torture, rape...I don't pretend to say that only women suffer and are killed. Though there are more cases of women's killing commited by men which are sex or gender killing. However, media often say about domestic crime and it is usually a perverse jealousy that is a main reason of atrocity. Ex boyfriends or ex girlfriend envy their exparters the love. Sorry, I would have written love in quotes, „love”. We musnt't call love which is actually a sick feeling and affection. People think the other person is their property and when „this property” behaves against him or her (for example, leave him/her), the „owner” considers he/she is unpunished and can do whatever. But the life doesn't work like that.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

     Are you a biker or a pedestrian?

In this blog spot I would like to put forward the subject of cycling in the city and not only. As I've mentioned some time ago I cycle to the university and wherever I want to reach. I've discovered it's the most faster way to do it. Since I cycle, I've more power an my well-being's improved. If you cycle in the morning, you ventilate your body and mind. You can plan the day and think about your tasks. However, don't forget you're on the road, bike path or pavement, so you must be focused on the drive. I'm sure you've heard about the principle of limited trust: you must be ALWAYS careful and concentrated. In practise, it means you should be amble to predict the behaviour of others. Even when you have the green light, you should ensure you can go or pass the zebra crossing.

I've observed people behave as if they were the only one on the road. People seem be overstressed and don't register others. Then, I wish all were more understanding. Mine main concern is to transmit a emergency vehicle. I've been a witness to ambulance's waiting because others cars or buses block ambulance's way, although this kind of vehicle has priority.

Drive carefully! :)

Monday, 2 November 2015

 How sweeten first of November?

One of the topical subject is All Saint's Day. In Poland, many people (not all) contrast it with Halloween and reject it. In fact, Halloween isn't an American festivity. The origin of this celebrity dates to Celtic age, therefore it derives in Europe.

I want to share with you some sweeties prepared in Spain for first of November. Not all Spanish families prepare them, mostly the elderly. On the other hand, bakery's window display are overfull of them.

You can find puffs (in Spanish- buñuelos de viento) before they weren't filled, but nowadays they are usually filled with turron, cream or chocolate.

The panallets (it's a Catalan word) are another treat cooked in Catalan-Speaking area. Its origin is Muslim, so the basic ingredients are sugar, almond and egg white.

The most curious sweet is huesos de santo (Saint's bones). They are whitish and have a form of tube. This tube is made of marzipan. The filling is based on egg yolk. Their name isn't surprise because derives due to the form and colour.

Regarding to Halloween, you can find it written „Jalowin”. In the northwest part of Spain people have celebrated Fiesta de Castaña or Magosto (Festivity of chestnut). It's almost celebrated in Catalonia (Castanyada) and in the Basque Country. The most relevant part is bake the chestnut. In some families, this ritual is still kept. Chestnuts are a symbol of upcoming winter.