Sunday, 8 February 2015

 I really astonished that, nowadays, people can appreciate immaterial things, like GOOD weather, and the Sun, in particular. Poland is one of the countries which is celebrated for low rate of sunny days. During the majority of year, Polish hard up for sunbeam.

It comes as no surprise, some time ago the scientists proved that sunlight influences on human body, well-being, and it's the most significant, on the mental state. In those countries like Poland, the doctors, sociologist, psychologies jot down higher index number of case of blues, diminishment
 of self-esteem or depression. Thus the overseas trips, holidays, towards countries with a warm weather
During the winter like this year's, although it isn't harsh, people miss the sun! How is the reason? The answer is banal: through one month I haven't observed rays of lights! (by the way, I couldn't picture Spanishs', Italians'...reaction). Wherefore, I've opportunity to hear children, thirty-year-old person and elder who were complain about our climate in the tram or in the bus.

I'm not surprised because I consider the Sun is life. For me, it's a winds of change, of hope and when I stick my head towards sun, I fell that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And you, what do you think when you fell the warmth of sun?