Wednesday, 23 December 2015

 Culinary education

In September a new law went into effect. The law concerns food at tuck shops. According to the act, is banned selling some foodstuff, like carbonated beverages, crisps, salty snacks. Interestingly, the name „tuck shops” involves what they sell at. However, in Polish, it doesn't. We just call it, literally, „shop at school” or „scholastic shop”.
The law has been ordains in order to prevent the childhood obesity epidemic and contain it. According to data, the index of obesity is constantly increasing. Although, in Poland the numbers aren't so high comparing with other countries, our position isn't a credit to us.
At the beginning, I considered this law so radical because I care my nutrition (or I think so ;)) and from time to time I eat a candy bar, but after reflection, I decided it is a good solution. Nowadays, there are more food temptation than when I was a child. Many parents work all day and they haven't time to cook or say that they can't do it. However, I know people who prepare their meals in the evening for the next day. I was doing the same when I was in Granada. Now it's more difficult because when I spend all the time out of the house I haven't possibility of reheating it (you can read my post blog about microwave at university). The specialists highlight not only the quality of meals but also the importance of the way of eating ( company).

We mustn't forget the parents are responsible in the first place for their children thus the culinary education can't limit to theoretical and practical workshops at school, but all school community (parents, teachers, school employee) should be involved in this long-term project. From infancy we should learn children good habits because it has impact on their all live and all society. In Polish we have a proverb which says what youth is used to, age remembers. I think there isn't more appropriate words to comment this issue :).!

You will find some information about this topic in this page:

Monday, 21 December 2015

 Christmas time

Last week I had a chance to participate in a collection for charity. A charity worker chose one family (a grandmother who breeds a granddaughter). All students and academic workers could bring food product, toiletries, clothes or objects that could make out grandmother and granddaughter passion, like singing. I remember this kind of event for I was at school. Over the years I've attempted to a greater or lesser extent to help- I was buying some sweeties or some basic foodstuff. This year it's my  last year when I'm a student, for this reason I wanted to get involved more seriously. That's why I felt obligated to provide cosmetics items and some detergents. Others bought clothes, boots, food (like rice, flour, pasta...). Inclusively, we collected so much products, the charity worker could prepare 27 packages! The family's gotten them.

  This sort of action (in Poland, one of the most known action is The Noble Box Project)
gives me hope that people can unite and help. Together it is easier!

You can visit the website od The Noble Box Project:

Sunday, 6 December 2015


Since some moths taking a tram, I can observe a building of a huge shopping mall which will finally be called „Posnania” and not „Łacina”. The construction site is pretty norm. There is so much illumination and worker's bunkhouse. The total surface will achieve more than 200 thousand square metre. It will seat three hundred commercial places. This centre will be the third of the biggest shopping malls in Poland. Its building has causes polemic. There are many voices that Poznan is a flooded city and with the highest average shopping centre fallen on one dweller.
Some politician and one port of Poznań's community have been against this project. I am one of them. I consider at Poznan and Posnania will be located nearby an one big centre (Malta). The supporters point out location of Posnania and that it will employ 3 thousand of person. Nevertheless, I ask me a question: will be viable? Recently, I have realised some shops have their residence too close (e.g. some clothing shops are set at the same street on Polwiejska). Besides, it has a social impact. It influences on people the pressure of buying and can continue with a lifestyle change. Many people and more adolescent will spend their leisure time in shopping mall. If I could decide, I would built a park instead.

You will find the list of the biggest shopping centre worldwide, clicking on this link:

Friday, 4 December 2015

Nowadays, we hear pretty a lot about ecological foodstuff. There are a full range of these products on the store shelves. Recently, shops with eco, bio or organic products have sprung up. All of us have become a specialist of nutrition. However, how does it work? Which product can be tallied such ecological commodity?

First, if we see on the packet a label „ek” or „bio” it doesn't mean this product, effectively, it it. Buying, we have to examine the tally. If it is a bio product, it has a certified logo with twelve stars, what form an European certificate. What does it mean that a product is eco? The are so many factors, including, conditions of farm (the kind of forage, the prohibition of fertiliser, hormone and antibiotic using).

The other concept frequently used is a term „a good food”. Nevertheless, it is meaningless for specialists. In fact, it means nothing cause for each organism other product can be healthy.
Having reflected, we can write that a demand for this sort of commodities comes from a need to come back to previous (traditional) customs and to reject an undue development or is it a new trend in order to realise benefits?