Saturday, 31 January 2015

 What kind of customer are you?

Do you observe others when you're shopping? Have you found that the customers' habits had changed? I've observed some people take a product off the shelf and immediately they put it in the trolley. The other, they immerse themselves in studying the label. When I was child, in the middle of '90s, the supermarkets appeared in Poland, it seemed that people were shopping feverishly, few words, willy-nilly. We didn't care what we were shopping, what there were inside that can, bottle or wrapping.
With the trend of counting calories, healthy food, it's emerged a one more tendency towards studying labels profoundly. At first sight, it seems to be an admirable custom. Of course, I follow this attitude because it points manufacturer that the customers don't want whatever. Nevertheless, I'm thinking how much sure we can be regarding truth of date which we find in the packet...
I remember that one day I was speechless when I read that some product was without preservatives...lawfully. I add that it was about a product for babies. In that moment I realised that it's impossible be sure what we buy and eat. The only thing what we can do it's minimise the risk that we buy the food, clothing, medicines which could impair us.