Saturday, 4 July 2015


Now, in Spain we're living a heat wave. In fact, temperature is high in all country, not only in Andalucia. So I'm going to describe one of these days, if you're a student who has holidays.

  1. You wake up at 9 am and you notice it will be a hooooooooot day.
  2. You close all windows and draw blinds.
  3. Even if you're in your underwear, you still be hot.
  4. You drink a cold water buy you're dying of thirst.
  5. Actually, you aren't hungry at all, you could eat only fruits.
  6. At midday and until 8 pm you can't concentrate and all what you wish is have a tepid shower and take a siesta.
  7. But if you take a siesta, you can't sleep, you can be only in your underwear or nude and you're sweating. Pay attention that you do nothing and you're sweating...
  8. In the end, you go out, it's 8 pm and when you're in the street you're still sweating and the sun is shining like it would be 2 pm.
  9. You have supper at 10 pm. (or latter).
  10. You´re looking for a waterhole/water supply when you're in the street. Fortunately,there are many small fountaines.
  11. You see with your friends around 11 or 12 pm. And you realise you can breathe!
  12. You go back at 7 am and you notice that there are only 2 or 3 hours of relative breeze.

In fact, Granada isn't the hottest city. Normally, the highest temperatures are taken in Sevilla or C√≥rdoba. In these days even foreigners've understood the importance of  have a siesta, but it's true that there are many places worldwide in which the temperature is higher than here and people don't take a siesta. It's known that doctors recommend have a siesta all year, not only in the summer. The only thing what I like in these days is can be out at 3 am and you can wear only dress, without any sweater.

And dose of  humor ;)