Sunday, 3 January 2016

Why is worth playing board games?

For some months I have irregularly played board games with my family and I have liked it more and more! I'm involving myself in this entertainment. At the beginning I was quite stressed when I saw a sandglass, however, with each game I'm thinking less about it and I try to concentrate me on the task. We usually play Activity, Jungle Speed, Tabu or Dixit. There are so many kind of games and I know only few.

We can compare Activity with Polish game which is- erroneously- called „pan” or „paronomasia”. However, this game is more elaborated: you can choose if you want to draw, to show (to mime, without sound and pointing objects) or to describe a banner. The rest of your team has to guess it.

Jungle Speed, we can surmise, consists in reflex and speed. When your playing card has the same pattern like your opponent's card, you have to take the totem. The person who does it first, win.
In Tabu you have to describe a term without words you have on the playing card (tabu). During one minutes you describe how many concept you are able and your team guess them. Time pressure makes you tell gashs because the only thing you procure is that your time guess the term you have on the card.

I have played Dixit once. This game consists in connotation. You see a card and you say your connotation (the most difficult as you can), the rest of players have to vote the card with your connotation. If they are right, they score points.

There are many benefits of playing board games. They point out that it is right manner to spend time with family and friends. Even children get benefit of it: they can move the counter, throw the dice and count. Board games let learning something new, boost memory, require concentration and patience, stimulate creativity, teach you strategic thinking, to accept losings and enjoy winnings. I consider it is a great manner to spend tiem not only with your peers, but also for intergenerational company. I strongly recommend that you try it! :)

More benefits of playing board games you can find clicking on this link:

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