Friday, 4 December 2015

Nowadays, we hear pretty a lot about ecological foodstuff. There are a full range of these products on the store shelves. Recently, shops with eco, bio or organic products have sprung up. All of us have become a specialist of nutrition. However, how does it work? Which product can be tallied such ecological commodity?

First, if we see on the packet a label „ek” or „bio” it doesn't mean this product, effectively, it it. Buying, we have to examine the tally. If it is a bio product, it has a certified logo with twelve stars, what form an European certificate. What does it mean that a product is eco? The are so many factors, including, conditions of farm (the kind of forage, the prohibition of fertiliser, hormone and antibiotic using).

The other concept frequently used is a term „a good food”. Nevertheless, it is meaningless for specialists. In fact, it means nothing cause for each organism other product can be healthy.
Having reflected, we can write that a demand for this sort of commodities comes from a need to come back to previous (traditional) customs and to reject an undue development or is it a new trend in order to realise benefits?

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