Monday, 21 December 2015

 Christmas time

Last week I had a chance to participate in a collection for charity. A charity worker chose one family (a grandmother who breeds a granddaughter). All students and academic workers could bring food product, toiletries, clothes or objects that could make out grandmother and granddaughter passion, like singing. I remember this kind of event for I was at school. Over the years I've attempted to a greater or lesser extent to help- I was buying some sweeties or some basic foodstuff. This year it's my  last year when I'm a student, for this reason I wanted to get involved more seriously. That's why I felt obligated to provide cosmetics items and some detergents. Others bought clothes, boots, food (like rice, flour, pasta...). Inclusively, we collected so much products, the charity worker could prepare 27 packages! The family's gotten them.

  This sort of action (in Poland, one of the most known action is The Noble Box Project)
gives me hope that people can unite and help. Together it is easier!

You can visit the website od The Noble Box Project:

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