Sunday, 6 December 2015


Since some moths taking a tram, I can observe a building of a huge shopping mall which will finally be called „Posnania” and not „Łacina”. The construction site is pretty norm. There is so much illumination and worker's bunkhouse. The total surface will achieve more than 200 thousand square metre. It will seat three hundred commercial places. This centre will be the third of the biggest shopping malls in Poland. Its building has causes polemic. There are many voices that Poznan is a flooded city and with the highest average shopping centre fallen on one dweller.
Some politician and one port of Poznań's community have been against this project. I am one of them. I consider at Poznan and Posnania will be located nearby an one big centre (Malta). The supporters point out location of Posnania and that it will employ 3 thousand of person. Nevertheless, I ask me a question: will be viable? Recently, I have realised some shops have their residence too close (e.g. some clothing shops are set at the same street on Polwiejska). Besides, it has a social impact. It influences on people the pressure of buying and can continue with a lifestyle change. Many people and more adolescent will spend their leisure time in shopping mall. If I could decide, I would built a park instead.

You will find the list of the biggest shopping centre worldwide, clicking on this link:

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